October 29, 2015

[OTA UPDATE] Lenovo A6000 Plus Kitkat S015 to S017

Download Update Patch Lenovo A6000 Kraft-A6000-s_S015_150819_TO_Kraft-A6000-s_S017_151016. If you want to update your OS using this file, go to recovery mode, choose Intsall zip from sd card, and then locate your file.

Update Patch Lenovo A6000 Plus Kraft-A6000-s S015 to S017

File Description

File name: Kraft-A6000-s_S015_150819_TO_Kraft-A6000-s_S017_151016_WC1E.zip
Campatible: Lenovo A6000 Plus Kitkat
Size: 9 MB
Download: Kraft-A6000-s S015 to S017

How to Install

This update will not erase data. However, please backup important data to avoid data loss due to update failure. Before going through the entire tutorial please be advised that it is your own responsibility to go further. We are not  liable for any loss of data or any pr operty of yours by any mean.

Step 1: Power off your device
Step 2: Go to recovery mode by hold down volume up, volume down, and power button
Step 3: On recovery mode, choose apply update from sd card and select the zip file you have downloaded
Step 4: Wait until upgrade process finish

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